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Future Search

Candace is a credentialed Future Search facilitator. Working with colleague J.Marie Riche, Candace helps groups resolve difficult issues.  Using the principles of Future Search, Candace and J.Marie work with sponsoring organizations to get the whole system in the room to identify what they already have in common and what they already agree on. Once these important steps are achieved, groups can move forward to create action plans.


To read more about this effective process that has been used world-wide to bring about positive change, see


Other Facilitation

Candace meets with clients to discuss goals and objectives. Working with a consensus model, she provides effective neutral meeting facilitation on a one-time or ongoing basis. Candace focuses on empowering a group to both value the individual voices of its members and to work as a cohesive unit. Services include:

§ Agenda development

§ Development of meeting/group norms

§ Setting schedules, goals and objectives

§ Team-Building

§ Meeting facilitiation

§ “Real Time”  meeting notes


For more information about facilitation services, please email: